Olaplex 1 & 2 Hair Treatment: Do It Yourself & Save Money

12 August 2017 - No Comments

Hello & welcome back to my blog!

Have you ever heard of Olaplex and wondered what the fuzz is all about? I haven’t until recently because I surely lived under a rock or something! As it’s for ‘professional’ use only, you’d pay A LOT to have it done in the salon. Well or you can just do what I did, you know, buy the stuff and do it at home ;) (Amazon, £75-80)

I made a step by step video on YouTube and if you’d prefer just watching it (and not read the extra infos/background), you’re welcome to do so.



What exactly is Olaplex?

It prevents damage and repairs hair. Simple.

Some of you may know that my natural hair color is black and I’ve gone from dark brown to completely blonde within a year (without Olaplex). Because I only bleached every 4-6 months my hair wasn’t as damaged as if you bleach it within a short period.

These first 2 steps are usually done professionally in the hair salon but you know how pricey it’s gonna be! I decided to purchase Olaplex Travel Kit from Amazon and it cost me almost £80. It claims that the bottles last up to about 15 applications. I have used it several times now and still got half the bottle of No 1 left. It’s only when you use it as a treatment you’d use more, otherwise it should work out.

There are 2 ways to use Olaplex, first obvious option is to mix it with bleach (or toner) and the second is to mix with water and use it as a treatment. I would highly recommend to do the treatment prior to bleaching your hair. It made my hair so much stronger! How do I know? Well previously I wasn’t able to brush my hair when it was wet but now I can! I was always afraid of it breaking off too much but after doing the treatment I felt it was just possible.

Step 1:
– Mix 15ml Olaplex No 1 with 90ml of (warm if you like) water in a non spraying bottle
– Saturated your hair fully especially on the ends – it’s gonna be dripping wet
– Once done, brush it through and put your hair in a plastic bag or shower cap
– I kept it in for 1 1/2 but you can do it longer if you like
– Without rinsing it out, go to Step 2

Step 2:
– Apply a generous amount of Olaplex No 2 on to your hair
– Make sure it’s fully covered
– Leave this in as long as you can – I left mine in for 2 hours but I’ll do this longer next time
– Then all you need to do wash it out with shampoo and condition your hair

Step 3:
– I applied Olaplex No 3 to my hair left it in for about 3 hours
– Do this once a week

Now, there are some people who commented on my video saying that the product I bought wasn’t authentic because it’s only available for professionals. That maybe true but I’m very sure what I bought wasn’t fake. There are re-sellers and I will confidently buy again because my hair isn’t as damaged as before and it feels stronger. If the product didn’t do anything to my hair I’d be skeptical but it’s not fake. I will be able to purchase the kit via people who own hair salons and then will compare both.

Thanks a lot for reading!

Melyssa x

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