April Fools Wedding – Not A Joke!

9 April 2018 - No Comments

I have proof, I was really there!

Ok joke aside! Only just over a week ago we (hubby and I) attended a wedding with our family. It was the beautiful wedding of Chi & Amy where the emotionally ceremony took place in Hall Place and Gardens. Bexley was only 30 minutes away from our house, so we had no trouble getting and arrived on time, surprise surprise! As we were all confused on which direction to go, we just ended walking in circles trying to find the hall…in heels!!! Once we’ve found it and entered, we were greeted by ushers and led to our seats.

If you followed me on Instagram and watch my stories, you might’ve seen some bits that I posted. I apologize for spamming when I’m out and about, especially at a wedding like this! I love weddings because it just reminds us of our own wedding 5 1/2 years ago. How beautiful it was and if you ask me, I’d totally do it again. Oh oh I’m kinda go off topic here, it’s not about us lol

After the ceremony, we all had tea or coffee while the newly weds cut their cake. Can you guess what happened after that? Picture time! Surely hubby brought his camera and 3 lenses, but why not if I can get nice OOTD pictures, especially with my super cute nephew and niece? As I haven’t seen them in a while, my niece was hugging and kissing me for a solid 5 minutes *happytears*. Oh my gosh, they’re the cutest kids ever! I love them so much! We had so much fun doing silly stuff where I almost fell on my butt in my white trousers. We took lots of family pictures which will be printed and hung around the house of course.

Once the million pictures were taken, we made our way back home to chill for a bit before we headed out to the reception which was literally 10 minutes away, where we also had ours :D! I think I love Chinese weddings the best because you get the BEST FOOD! Reception took place at Yi-Ban, a Vietnamese/Chinese restaurant opposite City Airport. We were all pretty hungry so couldn’t wait for the 9 course meal (my 6yo niece told me and I lost count). There was crackling pork,  abalone, garlic & salt lobster and so much more…

Enjoy the pictures my loves! x


OUTFIT details:


Note: I did not catch the bouquet! Was just keeping it safe.

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