Blazer + Shorts And An Early Birthday Treat

21 July 2016 - No Comments

Hi lovelies!

Here’s an in between OOTD post amongst all my holiday ones – a little break so we don’t get too upset about not being able to be at the beach right now…

My husband has been bugging me to come to Kensington for a shoot as it’s so beautiful there, so fancy looking and that I’d love it. Well I knew it was nice but was too lazy obviously. You could probably sell anything to me by labelling it fancy as it’s my current favourite word, haha.

We met up with my friend Leah and her boyfriend Manesh for a little walk-around-shoot. It was summer weather and we even went to the V&A museum. To their surprise, it was my first time there having living in London for the past 15 years!

After the photos were taken we parted ways. Just before we went home, I wanted  to drop by Harrods to ‘have a look’ at a backpack I was thinking to get in a couple of months’ time. But you can guess what then actually happened…

What I wore: Blazer by izzue (bought in Hong Kong), shorts by A&F, top by White House Black Market and shoes by Dune London.


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