Last Day in New York City

11 June 2017 - No Comments

I was meant to post this a while ago, buuuut anyway… I have no excuse :P

It is almost summer now and I’m posting a winter look in. Well let’s just call it a ‘Throw Back’, ha! I remember our last day in NYC was one of the best days where I actually got to spend a whole day with my hubby. We started the day super early (e.g. checked out by 7am) to make the most of this beautiful day.

After slurping our morning coffees and munching our breakfast, we went to Top of the Rock! This was my first time and the view was surely amazing (see pictures for reference lol)! We spent some time there taking pictures and videos, then went to Central Park for my little photo shoot. I was obviously a little overdressed but hey, I’m a blogger!

I wore my Dune London over-the-knee black boots for most days and let me tell you, these were the most comfy boots I’ve ever own. They kept my feet warm and dry from the pouring rain! Really really really love them! But for my photo shoot I swapped them with my heeled over-the-knee boots which went really well with the fur gilet that I wore. Accessories wise, well a hat was a must but also my Chanel classic flap. That’s all ;)

By the time we were done with everything it was already past lunch time so we hurried back closer to our hotel to grad something to eat. Guess where the boys decided to go? Hooters! I didn’t mind of course… as long as they have food :D. Then it was time for us to head off to the airport and because I was so exhausted, I fell asleep in the taxi, which was good because… traffic! We arrived at the terminal in good time and had another late lunch before we boarded. Seriously, all we ever do is eat…

Enjoy the pictures! Oh, oh off topic, I’ve just uploaded a video Top 5 Make-up Tips on my channel for you to watch after seeing all the pics ;) whoop whoop!



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