Pink Here (Hair) For Summer

24 June 2017 - No Comments

I never thought my pastel pink hair will become this PINK…

…buuuut it happened! Though it was kind of accidental but I really liked it so I ended up keeping it for longer. I’ll talk more about the products I used a bit further down ;)

Now, lets’ talk about this photo shoot that hubby and I did only last weekend! We went all the way to Warren Street in Central London. It was such a beautiful and hot day, around 32°C but we loved every minute of it. We don’t get a proper summer here in London, so this was really rare, well for me at least. This weekend it’s back to 20°C and rain… booo!

Since my husband upgraded his DSLR, he was really dying to take it out for the shoot. The reason he had to be a bit patient is because he wanted me to be the first model or more like test object? Haha!

He’s really exhausted his old Canon 5D MKII (which I got him for his 30th Birthday) so I was happy for him to upgrade it himself LoL to a Canon 5D MKIV. For this shoot he also used his new lens Sigma 35mm F/1.4 and the result was amazeballs!! Image quality is superb!!

With my pink hair I often find it difficult to find an outfit to match, especially colors. I’ve got a quite colorful closet, so color clash happens on the daily basis. For this shoot I decided to wear a simple white shirt and distressed shorts (both from A&F) and accessorize with my new Chloe Faye shoulder bag and Chloe Susanna boots, both bought at Farfetch on Sale!!! I really love both so much I wanna wear them everyday!

Let’s talk about my hair! I’ve been using a hair mask/conditioner by Maria Nila called Pink Pop to refresh my hair instead of using a toner. This hair mask is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. They have an amazing range of colors you can choose from. I’m planning to get more colors to make a video like how to mix to get a certain tone. For example you can mix pink with white, to create a more subtle pink and if you add a little purple it’ll probably make it a dirty pink. I’m already really to test this out and make a video. The best thing is that it washes out after about 5 washes (my experience ) and you’ll end up with a hint of pink which is also lovely!


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