Roaming the Streets of New York City

17 April 2017 - No Comments

My oh my!

I ‘m back from my travels and am so looking forward to getting back to my normal routine – not that I travel that often, but not two places in a short period. Can’t deal with it haha!

I can’t believe I was in NYC just 2 weeks ago! It was my second time and this time around I really fell in love with it. The first time I’ve ever been there was back in 2010 (where the hubby proposed to me on Liberty Island ;) – we spent a whole exhausting day dragging our feet everywhere and it wasn’t enjoyable. So this time I thought, we must stay at least a couple of days and timing was just perfect as hubby went over for work and I just tagged along. He extended his stay so we could spend more time exploring the city properly.

The weather (you know how much I love talking about it), wasn’t amazing sadly. It was still pretty cold, especially for me because when I walk around carrying my heavy DSLR, wearing too much would restrict my movements Lol. For the first few days, it was about 5-8 degrees Celsius, overcast and there was still a little snow. We also had 2 days of rain but the sun came out occasionally and on our last day (of course!).

I’ll post another 2 sets of pictures with different outfits that I managed to put together for the cold :P


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