Smudge Free Eyeliner – What Panda Eyes?

29 May 2014 - No Comments

For years, I’ve been on the search for the perfect eyeliner that, not only stays put all day but is also smudge-free. Little did I know that the cause for smudging also lays in our oily skin and not always the eyeliner. Cream and kohl liners were made for creating softer smokey lines compared to liquid harsh lines, but to my experience not as long lasting.



Before you store your favourite eyeliners away for good, just as I did, I will share my secret to make raccoon eyes something of the past, with only ONE extra steps to your make-up routine.

Here are my smudge free eyeliner tips:
  1. draw your liners close to your lash lines, using a kohl pencil or cream liner (I use Urban Decay pencil or Clinique cream liner)
  2. set the liners with black eyeshadow
  3. the mascara secret: use a small brush to take some product off and apply on top of your liners (use waterproof mascara)

Let it dry off and that’s it! You probably wonder why I don’t use mascara as an eyeliner? Well, mascara’s consistency is not as thick, so it would take way too long to get a solid line.

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