About Me

Aloha, I’m Melyssa! I created 5footcloset as my own little space to share tips and tricks about some of the things I love the most – fashion, hair & beauty.

Being only 5 feet tall, I have my own style of putting clothes together. I like to experiment with different styles, mix and match pieces to bring out my personality, which is what I want to show on my blog. When it comes to hair and make-up, I’m not a morning person, so I’m always sussing out ways to save time when getting ready. I’ve got a tonne of hair tutorials and make-up tips all up on my YouTube channel and more to come…so watch this space!

Professionally, I work as a Digital Developer (design & code) for a luxury fashion company. As I’m a sucker for design I usually spend more time rebuilding my blog than blogging, but this will change, I promise.I live in London with my husband, who has gladly taken on the job as my personal photographer. You can check out his amazing work (and the website I designed & built ;) at www.homanli.uk

And apart from doing the all the usual girly stuff – I’m a keen photographer and a petrol-head who enjoys long-boarding, eating yummy food, listening music and reading a good book!

Please join me on my journey of experiments and share in my successes and maybe also my failures.

Melyssa x