Chop, Chop, Chop It All Off

25 May 2019 - No Comments

Have you ever thought about chopping all of your hair off? Well, that is if you’ve got super long hair…like I used to have.

It wasn’t of course the first time I’ve done it. Remember the Britney Spears (early 2000) era? Yup, I went from hair touching my buttock to shoulder length just like that. My hairdresser back then almost didn’t want to do it *haha*

Now that I’m older (hopefully wiser), I of course couldn’t do it “just like that” and instead chop it bit by bit every time I went to have a trim. BUT this time it was the shortest since my teenage years and I loved it! As I wanted more of a blunt cut and no layers, my hairdresser did exactly what I wanted.

Knowing that my hair grows back really quickly, I wasn’t worried but now obviously miss my long hair which is really typical! So I actually haven’t had a haircut since February this year.


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