How To Ombré Your Hair At Home

5 October 2016 - No Comments

Hey guys,

I apologize for the super late post on this. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, my blog was down for a couple of weeks. I wasn’t able to access any of my content therefore couldn’t post anything *sobs*

I’m excited to share with you my ombré hair tutorial. The ombré starts from an ash brown and fades to an iridescent milkshake blonde with a tint of lavender. It’s my absolute dream hair color and I think I’ll do it again and again until I get bored, ha! Well this was the second time and because I succeeded, I decided to make a video when repeated it after a couple of months.

Below is my video where I show you the whole process that includes every product I used. Since my first video ‘How to Fix Brassy/Orange Hair‘ I’ve bleached my hair a few more times to get the lift I wanted but everything is explained in the clip.

If you’ve got any questions please use the comment box or on my YouTube channel and I’ll try my best to help. Make sure you subscribe!!



As promised here are more pictures of my before and after. You may have noticed I’ve got 2 types of roots growing. The dark brown was done just a month before with a box dye in a rush because I was going for a trip and didn’t want super dark (black) roots. I have deliberately stopped using purple shampoo for a couple of weeks so the difference is clearer to see. Without purple shampoo your blonde just becomes more golden but not brassy.



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