I’ve Got Some Exciting News

29 August 2019 - No Comments

I haven’t really blogged at all this year and I can’t just believe we’re nearing the end of 2019!!! If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’d already know :P

So, what kind of news could it be? My husband and I are expecting a little bundle of joy, due in mid October. We’re extremely excited and nervous at the same time. Words cannot express how we feel as this has been a very long time waiting and it finally happened! We have a miracle baby! Watch our Gender Reveal video here.

We waited until after 5 months before we announced it to the whole wide world because we know anything can happen. I can’t believe that I’m now almost 37 weeks! It’s not long to go at all!

And of course, having a photographer husband, we’ve been busy planning and taking a lot of maternity photos, literally almost every weekend. I’ll share some of my favourites in the next post :)

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