Barcelona: City Break With Sun & Beach

26 January 2018 - No Comments

The closest place (I’ve been) to find all three is Barcelona!

Hubby and I made a last minute decision for a one week vacation to get a nice tan, drink lots of sangria and munch amazing yummy food. As we both have never been to Barcelona, we also made sure to explore as much as we could, which in turn helped us burn the extra calories we ate :D

We stayed at Negresso Princess hotel that has a roof top bar and pool which had an amazing view over the city. It was situated pretty close to everything we wanted to see, about 30 minutes to an hour walk. We really walked everywhere! At times it was tough when the temperature was high and the sun was shining, but we always made sure to reward ourselves at breaks with dessert and colorful refreshing drinks lol.

I planned in two days of beach at least to sunbathe as I wanted to look a bit crispy. We only managed to stay for about two hours on the first day because silly hubby forgot to lotion his legs, so got burnt!! Can you believe it?

Barcelona is definitely a city I’d like to visit again, but not without my skateboard or roller blades! It was just really amazing to see everyone so active. There were cycling lanes everywhere!

If you haven’t been (I doubt it) you should visit this beautiful city at least once in your lifetime.

Hope the pictures can inspire you x

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