DIY: Create Your Own Terrarium

26 March 2016 - No Comments

Not long ago, I was once again browsing through Pinterest looking for some decor inspiration for our house. Something so simple yet so awesome caught my eye and gave me an exciting DIY idea – create your own terrarium and lots of them…

Why was I excited??? Well, for our wedding in 2012, I purchased 18 fish bowls to use them as centerpieces on tables because a few years ago it was cheaper to buy than to hire. I tried to use some as vases around the house but there are only so many that you could have in one place. So my idea was to create different kind of succulent terrariums for the house and to give them as presents to friends and family. I thought it’s a nice idea to make use of the fish bowls we’ve got instead of storing them in the loft.

I love succulents and cacti, they’re so easy to maintain. Basically you only have to water them once in a while and even if you forget, they’ll survive.

What you need:

  1. Fish bowl
  2. Succulent potted plant (IKEA £2)
  3. Charcoal and soil (I bought both combined on Amazon)
  4. Decorative pebbles, sand or stones – (IKEA £1.75)

Before we start, let me show you of my other uses below. I only added artificial peonies and white stones (should’ve dusted, haha).


As it was my first time, I only created two, one for my friend and one for our place.


Step 1: I added a layer of stones at the bottom, then added the soil on top.


Step 2: Remove your succulent from the pot and shake off the soil.


Step 3: Make a hole in the soil wide enough for the new plant to go in and simply place it in.

Step 4: Carefully cover the soil with the remaining stones and voila!


The bowls were slightly small, therefore I couldn’t really add many plants in them. I hope they don’t grow too quickly. This took me about 30 minutes to do and the next one I’ll think of something more creative, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading

Melyssa x


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